October 27, 2002_________________________________________
I'm sure no one has noticed this but I have started to put up flash headers for my pages... chipping away at flash learning... doing... you know just what I do.
October 26, 2002_________________________________________

I have made a low resolution copy of my demotape available on the internet you can download it here. I would love to hear what you think so e-mail me about it. I'll talk to you later I'm sure.

Requires QuickTime 5. Get it here.

In addition I fixed a bug with my portfolio I did a dumb thing that someone luckly caught and I have corrected. File allocations... geeessshhh...

October 19, 2002_________________________________________
Well I'm back to work now! I've been kicking back for a few weeks relaxing and all that fun stuff... I found a really cool site called www.skilljam.com. You can play video games for money... which is really cool. I've just updated my portfolio so there are some pictures in there for you to have a gander at... Please tell me what you think. davidfulton101@hotmail.com


    September 25, 2002_______________________________________

     Well I've started working on the site, I'm putting this
up so that people can see my work even if they only have one
of my business cards.  I think I'm doing pretty good for a
night's work.  Any way as for news...  My Demo tape is 
finished I'm kinda tired of looking at that cow but she sure
has character doesn't she?  If you are an employer who would
like a copy mailed to you then contact me at 
Davidfulton101@hotmail.com I'll overnight you the whole pack
with my demo reel resume and some samples of flat work all
you have to do is ask.

Umm... I hope that was rice... it was kinda crunchy.